F1 Singapore Grand Prix
Assembly Talk

JULY 1 - SEPTEMBER 20, 2024

For Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges, sponsored by Singapore GP

GET into a racing revolution

with mastereign

This July to September 2024, Mastereign Group, in partnership with EduTorque, invites you to experience an F1 1 Singapore Grand Prix assembly talk and exhibition aimed at secondary schools and junior colleges across Singapore.

Students and teachers participating in the event will gain insights into the latest technological developments in Formula 1, understand the science behind Formula 1, and learn about the impact of the Singapore Grand Prix on Singapore through an assembly talk.


Participants of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix exhibition will have the opportunity to race miniature F1 in Schools cars during recess, gain insights into careers in the automotive industry and F1, and view racing car exhibits on display in school.


Understand the science behind F1 Singapore Grand Prix and the impact of the Singapore Grand Prix on Singapore

  • 1

    Introduction to The F1 Singapore Grand Prix

  • 2

    Learn about F1 in Schools

  • 3

    The Science of F1 Cars

  • 4

    The Drag Reduction System (DRS)

  • 5

    Energy Storage in Formula 1 Cars

  • 6

    Sustainability in Formula 1

  • 7

    The Impact of F1 in Singapore

  • 8

    Careers in the Automotive Industry and Formula 1

F1 Exhibition HIGHLIGHTS

Available for 2 hours per school

  • Experience racing F1 in Schools miniature cars

  • Understand the opportunity of participating in the F1 in Schools Challenge

  • Sign up as a student ambassador for the 2024 F1 in Schools Singapore Nationals

  • Understand the careers in the Automotive Industry and Formula 1

  • Up close and personal with racing car displays

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